10 Recommendable Real Estate Companies You Can Invest With In Nigeria

Across the world, the Real Estate industry is regarded as critical commerce that plays a prominent role in the inducement of investment and realignment of the economy for continuous growth and advancement.

However, some Real Estate companies are committed to procuring solutions to the housing inadequacy problems faced by Nigerians through strategic innovations.

These firms in Nigeria -not just sell or lease properties; they fulfil dreams and build realities.

Without further assertion, in no particular order, below is our extensive list of the Real Estate companies in Nigeria to consider.

Below are the lists of Real Estate Companies you can invest with with your mind at rest


Adbond is a fast-rising Agro to Home Project Development Company co-founded by Oluwagbemiga Adekoya and his team. They are registered as a limited liability company as far back as Oct 20th, 2016. Headquartered in Ikeja.

Adbond Harvest and Homes Limited is a real estate development company with the focus on wealth creation in Agro to Home Project Development for individuals, families, corporate organizations, cooperative societies and government bodies from Nigeria to the rest of the World. They are the go-to organization for your farmsteads, homesteads, bond homes and vacation homes.

They have over 1000 acres of land and still counting in Obafemi Owode LGA, Ogun State and 100 acres in Lagelu, Ibadan. They create a space for their customers, a place they can call home in the future through their simple, innovative and affordable project plans.

Interestingly, they give their customers the best land package offer and give them the chance to pay for 15 months. 

Furthermore, they prioritize agriculture in their organization because of the pivotal role it plays and will continue to play in the development of the nation’s economy. Their Agricultural Projects are handled by experts, which they call Agro Developers and they are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that all projects are excellently delivered with high productivity.

Asides from making you a landowner in any part of Africa and equally positioning you in agriculture as an absentee farmer, they also create job opportunities for young and old out there. They understand that the future of jobs in Africa is virtual and the pandemic made this a reality to many people. Now, people understand what it means to work remotely from wherever they are.

At Adbond Harvest and Homes, they are in the future of Africa. Currently, they have over 1000+ e-staff working with Adbond as of 2021.

Website: https://www.adbondharvestandhomes.com/


Zylus Group international, a privately owned and internationally accepted organization based in Lagos, Nigeria with interests in Real Estate, Investment, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, and many more.

This firm is headed by Oluwatosin Olatujoye, an astute entrepreneur. Over the years, the organisation has carved a niche for itself in the real estate industry, with over 30 functioning subsidiaries, estates, lands, in strategic and developed areas of several states in Nigeria including Lagos, Ogun, and Enugu states.

With its head office located in the heart of Lekki. Zylus Group International delivers top-notch services with professionalism, excellence, integrity, knowledge, and tends to the real estate needs of Nigerians with its subsidiary Zylus Homes and Property Limited.

Website: https://zylusgroup.com/ 


Crystal Tee Square Limited is a company devoted to real estate development and management among many other services.

Headquartered in Ikeja, the heart of Lagos. Also, the company is known for the provision of a wide range of services to numerous clients. Crystal Tee Square provides services in property development, property management, estate brokerage, land property sales and renovation.

Website: www.crystalteesquare.com/ 


Country Hill is a real estate firm based in Ikeja, Lagos that provides luxury and affordable real estate services with platforms that provide guaranteed Returns on Investment to clients and partners.

The firm is being Led by Wale Oshinaike. The organisation leverages integrity and resilience for the provision of affordable housing for the interests of all stakeholders and society. The company has estates in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states.

Website: www.countryhillltd.com/ 


Cadwell Limited also is a firm that has been in the business for two decades. It is no doubt that they are one of Nigeria’s top real estate companies.

Moreover, a look at the company’s project profile reveals that they are mostly involved with high-end clients and are also involved in real estate development and management, marketing of real estate projects, and facility maintenance.

Website: www.cadwellltd.com/cadwell/ 


Primrose Development Company (PDC) is a property development company whose roots as real estate developers stretch back over thirty years.

PDC offers a unique and remarkable value proposition covering all the core skills and requirements fundamental to the success of a real estate venture.

Website: www.primrosedevco.com/ 


Prime Water View Limited (PWV) has emerged as a major property development firm in the luxury property development business of the Nigerian real estate market.

The company is focused on developing residential property to a select clientele with an initial focus on highbrow areas in Nigeria’s densely populated Lagos State, particularly Ikoyi, Victoria Island and the rapidly developing Lekki Peninsula.

Website:  www.primewaterviewng.com/ 


Redbrick Homes International Limited, owners of Amen Estate is an independent, but innovative firm that has attracted some of the best construction and real estate professionals in Nigeria.

Their team of architects, builders, realtors, and interior designers are committed to providing clients with ambience and dignity in estate living.

The firm has created products that blend the gracious architecture of the past with flexible and modern plans appropriate for today.

Website: http://redbrickhomes.ng/ 


Adron Homes and Property is regarded as one of the most reliable real estate firms in Nigeria due to its success story in the sector. They aim to provide housing and project management for every class of society.

The company has estates, lands, and properties in different states of Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Ogun among others.

Website: www.adronhomesproperties.com/


Property Link is an international real estate company based in Dubai, the United Kingdom, USA, among other countries. They provide real estate financial and legal advice, sales, rental, management, and development of properties.

Website: www.propertylinkng.com/ 


Sterling Homes is a real estate agency that helps in the building and management of properties. They offer Lands and Housing Schemes in different areas of Lagos and other states.

Sterling Homes has properties in different areas of Lagos including Mowe, Lekki, Ijede, Agbowa.

Website: www.sterlinghomesltd.com/ 


The above submission is based on meticulous data-driven market research on how they contribute to the GDP of the country.

I hope this article”10 Recommendable Real Estate Companies You can invest with In Nigeria.” has helped you leant ways you can minimize risks in real estate. You can also read about 7 Ways To Minimize Risk in A Real Estate Investment( Number 5 will help you gain higher return).